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bFlex Explained

All inclusive flexible monthly rental for bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, smart phones, plants and more! In the monthly rent we include maintenance, delivery and pick-up meaning you're entirely carefree! All our green mobility have the green iconic tires! Easy to recognise, safe and representing our green ambitions for Athens and Greece!

Let's take a bicycle as example, bFlex delivers it to your home, when you get a flat tire we come to repair it directly! If we can't fix it, we replace the bicycle! Always a working bike, that's our idea! You can stop the subscription at any time; be flex. 

Like leasing a car, only better;) All inclusive service, no hidden fees or surprises. We simply want you to enjoy the bike.

Θέλεις κι εσύ να οδηγήσεις ένα ποδήλατο με το εμβληματικό μπροστινό πράσινο λάστιχο; Τι περιμένεις? Ελα στην παρέα της bFlex.

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